Friday, 5 June 2015

Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is one of the oldest system of predictions, horoscope and numerology. It is about 7000 years old and also called as Vedic astrology in recent terms. Astrology is a system that includes an assumption that is there is a connection between rare occurrence in astronomy and events in the world. Similarly numerology is connected to astrology as each number from 0 to 9 is dominated by heavenly body in our solar system. No `1 astrologer in the world is the best astrologer because its doing its service with his best try and is known as well as Vedic astrologer in world. That is the reason that he is no 1 astrologer in the world. No 1 astrologer in the world is an astrologer who has always vowed to spread the Vedic wisdom through his astrological knowledge. He is considered the best astrologer as he always use his expertise to help other achieve bliss in life, Vedic astrology has a long history and has deep roots in the wisdom of the golden Vedic period. Astrology is not only about predicting the future but also a way of solving problems in life and a way of understanding more about our life. Indian astrology was devised with the strong belief in the planetary powers and their effects on human life. These beliefs are a result of meditation and research of the highest level which is why they hold true even after thousands of years. Therefore astrologers are people who cannot only solve problems.

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